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Your Mess.  Life is a mystery that keeps unfolding, sometimes before you can catch up.  A beautiful mess of chaos, heartbreak, love, joy, anger, pride, upheaval, surprise. There is a fascinating human instinct that causes us to shy away sometimes from what ignites us the most. 
Music ignites me. It is such a part of my life in which other aspects get completely engulfed, and I am drawn to beings, places, situations, with which it can coincide, from which it is fuelled.
I would like to thank the musicians: Mark Cashion, Nathan Hiltz, Eric St-Laurent, Sly Juhas, Kelsey McNulty, Michel DeQuevado. I am honoured to have worked with all of you, and truly understand the magic of being part of a band. 


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Melissa Lauren sings Richard Rodgers with the Nathan Hiltz Trio.

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The Jazz Bistro, 251 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON

Melissa joins as a guest singer as part of the monthly series in which the Nathan Hiltz Quartet features a different composer. This month is Richard Rodgers.


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