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Your Mess 

After more than a  year of writing, rehearsing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering,  melissa’s sophomore full length recording, your mess, is complete.   The album will be released on iTunes  September 4th.

Your Mess.  Life is a mystery that keeps unfolding, sometimes before you can catch up.  A beautiful mess of chaos, heartbreak, love, joy, anger, pride, upheaval, surprise. There is a fascinating human instinct that causes us to shy away sometimes from what ignites us the most. 
Music ignites me. It is such a part of my life in which other aspects get completely engulfed, and I am drawn to beings, places, situations, with which it can coincide, from which it is fuelled.
I would like to thank the musicians: Mark Cashion, Nathan Hiltz, Eric St-Laurent, Sly Juhas, Kelsey McNulty, Michel DeQuevado. I am honoured to have worked with all of you, and truly understand the magic of being part of a band. 


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Previous events


Melissa Lauren @ Gate 403

 —  —

Gate 403, 403 Roncesvailles , Toronto

An evening of jazz, blues, latin and originals at Roncesvailles' beloved live music venue.



Melissa Lauren @ 120 Diner

 —  —

120 Diner, Church Street, Toronto

This new jazz spot features different musicians each week



Red Hot Jazz and Cool Blues Wednesdays Summer Series

 —  —

Hendrie Park, Botanical Gardens, Burlington

Melissa performs as part of the weekly summer series, featuring jazz, blues and latin, as well as originals from her upcoming album.