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"Melissa is a prolific young songwriter....the band's gorgeous slowed-down take on the Police tune "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" is a highlight."
Cathy Riches, Wholenote Magazine

""Your Mess" shows (Melissa's) development as a Songwriter...a jazz-pop chanteuse with eclectic taste..the results have a playful feel."

                                                                                                             Kerry Doole, New Canadian Music 

""It's a confidant album with plenty of charm. If you like your jazz outside of the box, this is the disc for you."

                                                                                                      Garvia Baily, Big City Small World, CBC

"Lauren has a beguiling voice that mixes sweet playfulness with solid technique, control and range."

Cathy Riches, Wholenote Magazine

"Melissa Lauren is a real jazz singer, good in the way Blossom Dearie or Stacie Kent are good. Once you hear her sing, you want to keep listening."

                                                                     Stanley Fefferman, The Opus One Review

"Melissa Lauren can sing. And Write...she takes gorgeous risks turning notes inside-out without ever landing flat or straining. As a Songwriter, she's a winner."

Marc Myers, Jazzwax

""I won't rest until I am my best for you."" The Toronto Chanteuse can now put up her feet -  she's lovely with her strummy and breezy elegance, which is absolutely good to us. "

                                                                                   Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail


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